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Finally a full custom-designed website service dedicated to serving churches. We get you up and running right away, affordably and effortlessly.
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Finally, a church website system with a human touch. No templates, no learning curve. Actual designers create the look and feel based on your input and feedback, and set it all up for you. Free of charge.

Custom Design

We create a beautiful and inviting custom web design for your church, free of charge.

Logo Design

We can create unique Lettering and Logo mark for your church as part of our free design process.


Everything SEt UP FOR YOU

We get your site fully set up, including basic pages and images in place before you first arrive.

Easy Updating

Updating content, adding new images, bulletins, service audio and video couldn't be easier.


From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to innovative donation systems, we’ve got tools and services to bring visitors to your church.

Stats & Tracking

Find out who is looking at your site, and track what they’re looking for.

Design Process

How you present yourself online is important. Remember: most people searching for a church WILL look at your site. We want to get that right. Our unique design process gives you full control over the look of your site, inspired by our high-end designers.

And incredibly: The Custom Design is free of charge.

We Start with a Logo

If you don't yet have a logo mark and/or lettering that gives your church a coherent identity, we can help. In this example, we presented this church with a number of possibilities, including some with denominational logos (the first 4).

Logo: Second Round

The church asked us to try out a logo mark that resembled 2 features of their physical presence: The building itself and a nearby bridge.

Full Site Design

Now with a chosen logo, we move to the full site design. Again, based on your input our designers think creatively to capture the essence of your church in an inviting layout. 

Site Installed and set up

Once the church approves a design, we install the site and get it fully set up.

Final Touch: Letterhead

Once the church approves a design, we install the site and get it fully set up.

Community Builder

The secret to growth and engagement in your church is knowing how to PROPERLY integrate your website, your social presence, and the power of email. This package provides you with our knowledge base and easy-to-use components to make it happen. This is a must-have package.

One-time Fee: $79


We help integrate your facebook presence into your website and then to your newsletter.

Asset Library

Gain access to a vast library of free-use images for both your website and social media.


Find out who's coming to your site, where they're coming from, and where their clicking.


Media Manager

Easily live-stream both youtube and facebook live from your site, Post videos, zoom links, audio files, and create unlimited blogs.

Email Newsletter

Get a new sharp-looking and easy-to-use online newsletter. We set it up with your header and put an auto signup form on your site. 

Knowledge Base

The key to effective integrated use of all online technologies is knowing how to do it. We show you how with helpful videos and articles.

How to use the web

The online world is an incredible resource and at this point should be the FOCAL POINT of your outreach, as well as ongoing engagement with your community. But rare is the church that understands how to make full use of this medium.

Having a Website and a Facebook page by themselves may in time bring a few new stragglers in. But if you want to be more proactive about your church’s growth, our Community Builder package gives you the tools and the knowledge to use your website, Facebook, and email properly so that they produce a regular harvest of new faces and engaged fellowship.

Be sure to get Community Builder upon signup, and we will get you all set up and then show you how to manage your outreach program effectively. If it sounds daunting and complicated, don’t worry, we’ll set it all up for you. And the results will be so very worth it.


















Easy Content Manager

Once we set up your site, you'll want full control. Our system was designed for non-techy folks. Updating your content, adding or moving pages, uploading images and other media are all point-and-click simple.

Content Editor

Edit text, swap out images, create galleries, place audio or video anywhere on your site with ease.

Homepage Manager

We sculpt a great looking home page for you, and you're able to easily move and add sections to fit your needs.

Page Manager

Add unlimited pages, move or rename menu items, unpublish pages for later, all with ease.


style panel

Easily change global colors on your site, and create interesting and engaging content. 


Media Manager

Manage all your images and media files in a flexible folder system. 

Form Builder

Easily snap together nice-looking forms to capture info or sign people up to events.


These services will greatly enhance your new website, and speed up development.

Coffee Bean

Search Engine Package

$59 – One-time fee

People in search of Churches go to one place: Google. If you’re not coming up at the top of the results, you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors.

Our SEO Service uses all the most current techniques to tease out better Google rankings. This service WILL improve your search rankings, and bring you more people to your doors.

Coffee Bean

Content Transfer

$79 – One-time fee

If you already have a website with relevant content, let’s not reinvent the wheel. We can easily transfer both text and images from your existing website to your new website. No special access is required, and we handle it all.

Of course we’ll ask you up front if there’s anything that’s not relevant to your new site, but we’ll bring over – and integrate stylistically – all content that you do want to retain to your new church website. You can then improve your content from there.

Coffee Bean

Online Giving Package

$79 – Set-up fee

We take a new approach to online giving. Recent studies have shown that event-driven fundraising can double or even triple your monthly support for the church. And furthermore, we have found that it actually stimulates regular stewardship.

We integrate whatever online giving solution you may have (or provide you with one if you don’t have one), and then give you a component that let’s you alert people whenever a need arises, both on the web and via social media.

Examples of our designs

Here are just a few examples of our designs. You begin by choosing a “starter design,” give us any images or notes you have, and we’ll create a custom design for you.

Products & Pricing

In addition to the basic website, we have a powerful suite of options

All other products are One-Time fees only:

Truly great (and friendly) tech support

You are supported every step of the way. Contact us by email or phone and we are right there to answer your questions and advise on best practices.

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